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A brief look at the projects EDS is currently working on:

University Admissions Migration

EDS is working with the Admissions offices to migrate their current solution into the Perceptive Content enterprise environment. This is a complex project involving a multi-step software update, new virtual infrastructure, and then a transfer into the enterprise Perceptive Content environment. Once in the enterprise environment, we can work with Admissions to develop shared experiences across partnering departments such as the One Stop Student Services Centers on the regional campuses.

University Registrar Implementation

EDS is working with the University Registrar offices to develop an implementation of Perceptive Content in the enterprise environment that fits their needs. Implementations require a thorough understanding of the unit’s business processes so we can best implement Perceptive Content in their unit.

University Human Resources OneSource Integration

EDS worked closely with UHR as part of the OneSource service center rollout to ensure Perceptive Content worked smoothly with the new ServiceNow platform. Documents uploaded to the new self-service center are securely stored in Perceptive Content at the close of every case.

DocuSign Integrations

Along with provisioning departments for DocuSign and assisting with support requests, EDS is working to create secure integrations between DocuSign and other university systems. These integrations will allow critical university systems to work with DocuSign and take advantage of the full DocuSign Agreement Cloud platform.