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About DocuSign

DocuSign is Rutgers’ chosen electronic signature system to replace paper-intensive processes with streamlined digital workflows and to re-envision conventional processes with secure, legally enforceable digital workflows for:

  • faster signatures, with documents automatically routed via email
  • real-time tracking as documents make their way through the approval process
  • reduced errors, with DocuSign helping to ensure documents are completed properly

Unlimited use DocuSign accounts are available free of charge to every Rutgers department. Onboarding can be accomplished in a matter of days, and ongoing training and support are provided by the DocuSign admin team at OIT: EDS. For more information, or to request an account, please contact

Getting Started with DocuSign:

DocuSign Onboarding:

The first step is to schedule a one hour introductory WebEx to demonstrate the DocuSign UI and review your forms and their current workflow. Please send the following:

  1. Names and NetIDs of everyone on your team that would like to attend
  2. Your team’s availability for the month, i.e. dates and times that work for you for a one hour WebEx
  3. Copies of any forms (and descriptions of their current workflows) that you’d like to transition to DocuSign

Here’s a more detailed outline of the typical initial onboarding process. These steps precede deploying into a live/production environment:


  1. Identify department stakeholders, including their full names and NetIDs. A DocuSign user account will be created for each:
    1. Primary technical contact(s)
    2. Team members currently managing workflows that have already been identified as candidates for migration to DocuSign
  2. Schedule and attend kick off meeting
    1. Introduce DocuSign to the team
    2. Review your current workflows, identify one or more good use cases, and begin transition discussion


  1. Create a demo/sandbox environment
  2. Map the selected use case workflows to DocuSign
  3. Develop and deploy the use case(s)
  4. Conduct administrative and user training
  5. Iterate through UAT until approved by the sponsor

Some users are self-sufficient; some are more comfortable with the OIT/EDS team providing close support. The duration varies – sometimes it’s hours or days, sometimes weeks. We will provide as much assistance as you require for as long as you need it.

System status, alert messages, and release notes:

Current system status:

System status RSS feed:

Alerts and updates:

(When viewing DocuSign’s system status and alert messages, please note that your demo site is hosted on DocuSign’s North America / DEMO environment, and your production site is on their North America / NA2 environment)

You can find the Release Notes here: They are released monthly, but the exact date varies. There is no subscription link for the release notes mailing list. Please provide the EDS team with your email addresses if you would like to be added.